Who Wants to Wine Party?! Part 1

Wine Bottle Pour Art and Wine Palm BeachThis series of blogs is for those who are thinking of holding a wine tasting party or wine event but may feel a bit intimidated. The good news is that the success of your wine tasting party has more to do with the atmosphere that you create than with specific rules or sequences of events. I’ve learned that each wine tasting party develops organically based on your guests and while it may seem that there should be some specific way to “do it right,” your job as the host is to create the right atmosphere for enjoying wine by making sure that everyone has 1) EXCELLENT wine to drink, 2) tasty and appropriate food to eat and 3) good company. These components will ensure a successful event. This week’s blog is Part 1 – EXCELLENT wine to drink.The wine that you choose for your wine tasting party is more important than you may think. To begin my wine tasting journey, I chose the wine very carefully.

After researching multiple companies in detail, I decided to become an Independent Ambassador for the Boisset Collection. I was surprised and elated to find that Boisset Collection wines are from actual vineyards and wineries in France and Northern California. These vineyards and wineries are all owned by the same wine-making family that is highly revered for their wines in their hometown of Burgundy France! After tasting the wines, I felt like I had found the holy grail of wine! Verification of this fact came when I introduced the wine to members of the yoga studio that I attend. I talked with the owner and she agreed that wine and yoga could be a good fit and was happy to offer a private event to her wine studio members featuring a wine tasting with me. The first event was a little scary. Only 6 people attended. However, out of those few people, they all loved the wine and even joined the wine club! It was confirmed that I had stumbled across something amazing. I also realized that I was making new friends along the way! At this event, I admit that I was nervous and forgot a lot of what I wanted to say about each wine. However, I was authentic, and the wine was Excellent! People responded to the fact that I presented them with high quality exclusive wines that they could enjoy and wanted to have again. We had additional tastings that resulted in additional customers. Its almost a year later, and many of those customers have become some of my closest friends and of course still love Boisset wine!So that is my first lesson. Your wine tasting party needs to include EXCELLENT wine! Your guests most likely know something about wine (or they wouldn’t be at your party) so don’t insult them by serving low quality wine. You will not need to convince them that it is good and while its best to know all that you can about the wine, its more important to respect your guests by serving them Excellent Wine! Of course the best way to ensure a successful wine event is to work with Art & Wine Palm Beach! We only serve wines from the Boisset Collection and we can take the guess work (and actual work) out of your next event so that you can spend time with your guests! If you aren’t in the area, no worries. Boisset wines can be shipped to most states and we can hold a virtual tasting with your guests! Contact us to learn more! Stay tuned for part 2 of Wine Tasting Party 101 next week!

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