The Guest List

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!! Mine was busy but fun! As promised, my final entry in this series is the guest list. In parts 1 and 2, I discussed serving excellent quality wine and light foods. However, creating the optimal guest list may be the trickiest aspect of all. If you are like me, you have a lot of different friends and while you get along with them all, you probably have friends who would not necessarily feel comfortable around each other. If you invite these people to the same event, you may be in for an awkward evening. I encountered this was when choosing assigned seating at tables for my wedding reception. I spent a great deal of time strategically placing people at tables to make sure that the drinkers would not be with the non-drinkers. I considered those with outspoken political or other beliefs that may not align with others with opposite opinions. I think it worked out OK as the venue was large enough and I wouldn’t dream of leaving anyone out. However, a wine tasting, especially a small one in your home, is different. Remember, one wine tasting in your home is the equivalent of one table at your wedding reception.

Now the good news is that you can hold different events for different groups of friends. But, choosing which friends to invite to each event is not as obvious as you might think. I haven’t always gotten this right and when I didn’t, I noticed the tension in the room and the right atmosphere was not created for everyone to share and enjoy the wine tasting or dinner party. As we learn in business, its important to create a corporate culture. This is also true of events. I’ve learned its not about education levels, interests, socio-economic backgrounds or even political or religious beliefs. It’s about energy. So, what do I mean by “energy”? Well, think about your friends and how each of them make you feel when you are with them. You probably have friends who make you feel happy and jovial. Maybe you have friends who make you feel thoughtful and serious. You may have some friends that challenge you and kind of leave you on the edge. What you feel when you are with them is the atmosphere that they will create. At my last party, I had the most amazing group of people. It was quite by accident. Many of them did not know each other (or they did but didn’t know that I knew each of them). Some came to the party not knowing any one at all but me. I noticed a few walk in and look around and wonder who they would talk to. But then it happened. They started to talk to each other. They jelled. I realized afterwards that I had invited people who inspire me. I had this room full of inspirational people with a myriad of backgrounds. The group included corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, chefs, artists and retired professionals who volunteer. It was an amazing group of people and they genuinely loved each other. I knew they had a good time because most stayed the entire evening. We drank 7 bottles of wine and ate almost all of the food. It was a beautiful experience. So while I can’t promise that you will get the right group of people together each time, if you consider inviting people who all make you feel the same or similar when you are with them, there’s a good chance that they will like each other and enjoy the company. This will translate into a successful and ENJOYABLE event for everyone!That concludes my Wine 101 series for now. I hope you gained some insightful information from the Blogs. Stay tuned for my next blog about why price may be important when choosing wines. Also stay tuned for more personal blogs about issues that I bet impact many of you. Cheers to the New Year! Tara #artandwinepb#artandwinepalmbeach#wineparty101palmbeach#wineparty#winetasting#partyguestlist

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