Art & Wine Palm Beach is an event planning and product company that brings art and exclusive wine tastings together into a single experience. 

Good question. Art & Wine Palm beach is different from the average event planning company. We source exclusive and limited production wines from the finet wineries, and our artists bring a unique touch. We don’t rely on outside vendors; we rely on talent and fine products. 

It’s easy. Simply contact us via email, either directly or through one of our online forms, and we will connect with you within 24 hours. During your free consultation we will answer all of your questions and give you details as far as pricing, terms, dates, and other crucial information. 

Art & Wine Palm Beach events set the tone for your relationship with your clients. This allows you to pair luxury and business with an unforgettable, pre-planned experience. It’s much different than Happy Hour or meeting for coffee! 

It’s always best to plan as far ahead in advance as possible. 1-6 months is the suggested timeframe. 

Whether planning an in-home wine tasting, or utilizing one of our public spaces for a larger gathering, Art & Wine Palm Beach will work with you to tailor your event exclusively to your needs. No two events with our company are alike, and we encourage you to discuss any and all details with your event planner.

In addition to our event planning and wine tasting services, we offer custom label and etched wine bottles, as well as other luxury and personalized products. These products are great gifts. Please email us directly to receive a catalog of products. 

Absolutely! Art & Wine Palm Beach offers over 90 different wines through the Independent Wine Ambassador program for the Boisset Collection. Organix and biodynamic wines are available. Wine is available for tasting during your consultation to ensure that the products match your taste and style! 

The answer is YES! Art can be purchased for and at many of our events, and will soon be available on our website. Stay tuned as we add additional art options.