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In February 2012, Alan began to make art in the form of clay, resin, and bronze as a profession. Incorporating a blend of nautical, pop-culture, and the surreal elements (to name a few!) in his creations, Alan became the driving force for the artistic pairing seen at many of Art and Wine Palm Beach’s events and as a brand of the organization itself. As the Artistic Director for Art & Wine Palm Beach, Alan showcases not only his own art but includes a plethora of artistic concepts into the company’s themed Palm Beach events.


There is a something for everyone!

Aleric Sculpture & Design - Winged Foot

This one-of-a-kind sculpture called Flight of Mercuros was created in bronze using the lost wax method and modeled after my own foot. It is patinaed in flat bronze finish with the wings covered in 24k gold leaf. It’s stands 28” high and weighs 25 lbs.


Aleric Sculpture & Design - Arnold

This my own creation/ depiction of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding prime. This piece started out as a clay model handmade by me. It was then molded and cast in real silicon bronze metal. This outstanding piece weighs approximately 55+Lbs and stands at 33+ inches tall. It is painted in a burnt copper satin finish. All musculature is to proportion. I have only created one of these making it very exclusive. Additional photos are available. The goal is to sell this sculpture and send a portion of the proceeds to AfterSchoolAllstars and Autism Speaks in honor of a family member who is autistic.


Aleric Sculpture & Design - Small Brown Sea Turtle

This life-like Baby Sea Turtle is a custom handmade sculpture handpainted to match any color decor in your home. It’s made to mount on the wall and measures approximately 26 inches head to rear fins. Created using fiber resin and clay, and featuring hand painted glass eyes, this Turtle mimics the Green sea turtle that we often see in our local water ways.

Aleric Sculpture & Design - captain America

This was created for a Marvel collector and enthusiast. It was made using clay, recycled fabrics, and other materials as well as the incorporation of a steampunk clock. The client had an ultra modern home and was hoping for something that stood out.

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