An entrepreneur? Me?

I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. Having majored in accounting, I saw myself as someone who was meant to hold a corporate position, working my way through management, and maintaining a clear path to success- with benefits! I was always someone who played it safe. I never thought I had the desire to create something from scratch. I didn’t think I was meant to spend my nights and weekends perfecting my brand, or hoping customers would envision that same brand enough to pay my bills from their support. My life was a perfectly executed plan (almost).

I’m proud of my accomplishments. I have enjoyed the security of my corporate job. I have learned so much that I never would have learned otherwise. I have met incredible mentors, and even more incredible friends. There have been heartaches and disappointments, but nothing I could not overcome.So what is an entrepreneur anyway? Could I be one? Why would I want to do that now? Isn’t that reserved for 20-30 something’s looking to get rich quick, who have tons of energy, eat ramen noodles, and ride their bikes to work until their startup goes public?

My world changed when I met my (now) husband. He was an artist with a dream and little to show for it but some incredible sculptures and an hourly gig. When he first told me he was an artist, I was like ‘yeah right,’ but I liked him. He was kind, and handsome, and he didn’t care that I was a strong woman with a great job (you’d be surprised how many men can’t accept that). He dealt with the fact that I rarely got home before 7 or 8 at night. He put up with my stress, my nightly rants, and the trials and tribulations of my professional world. But he also challenged me to question whether I was hiding from what I really wanted.

Were things really so difficult, or was I just restless?
Fast forward seven years; I married that hot artist with an hourly job. I pushed him to return to school and get a better job, while he pushed me to follow my dreams. He continued to sculpt and create on nights and weekends, and I began pursuing my dreams.
His passion is art; and mine is wine. And together, we have formed Art & Wine Palm Beach. There’s much more to the story, but I’m pleased to introduce you to our journey here on our website as we pursue the best of both worlds. After all, what is life without the beauty of art and a little bit of wine?
Always, Tara

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