About Us

Art and Wine, Elephant Art, Wine“Throughout history, art and wine have always stimulated the senses hand-in-hand. Alan and Tara Hernandez, residents of Palm Beach Gardens, founded Art & Wine Palm Beach to bridge a selection of flavorful, alluring fine wines with the diverse culture of South Florida’s art community.

At a very young age, Alan found himself naturally fond of art and sculpture; he would often sculpt various animals such as elephants and hippos he would see at the zoo. Art seems to be in Alan’s blood as, upon having his genealogy researched, Alan learned he was the descendant of a prominent sculptor and statesman, Franscisco Pi Margall. Art was a recurring hobby and love for Alan even as he pursued other endeavors where he would serve his country as a member of the air force and then his local community as a Juno Beach Police Officer. While he sculpts a plethora of different subjects, Alan’s favorite pieces center around marine life and, more specifically, brightly colored sea turtles which are exhibited at local galleries in his area. He hopes that his brand of art, while not limited to marine life, is a reminder to live harmoniously with our sea creature friends.

Back in the year 2000, Tara discovered her love of fine wine during a trip to California. After visiting the Napa Valley with a friend, she had left with a wine club membership, a case of wine, and a new appreciation for wine culture. Throughout her adult life, Tara learned to appreciate the ritual of wine, wine-making, and the magic of finding just the right bottle. Upon her relocation to South Florida in 2011, Tara was enjoying an accomplished professional career in accounting and finance but never lost her love of wine and wine culture. Tara and Alan fell in love when they met in 2012 and, much like art and wine, found themselves to be a perfect pair.

Today, the two channel their shared love of art and wine into their business where they create connections between local art events and exotic wine tastings. Their brand is one of sophistication, charisma, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. In addition to offering intimate, privately-hosted wine tastings for both small and large gatherings, they also sell these exclusive brands in tandem with hand-crafted art pieces directly to members. As wine is often given as a gift or consumed in a time of celebration, Art & Wine Palm Beach also offers art, jewelry, and more with customized labels or etched bottles. Allow Art & Wine Palm Beach to be paired with your next party, event, or celebration and may your glasses always be full!”

Commonly Asked Question

Art & Wine Palm Beach is an event planning and product company that brings art and exclusive wine tastings together into a single experience. 

Good question. Art & Wine Palm beach is different from the average event planning company. We source exclusive and limited production wines from the finet wineries, and our artists bring a unique touch. We don’t rely on outside vendors; we rely on talent and fine products. 

It’s easy. Simply contact us via email, either directly or through one of our online forms, and we will connect with you within 24 hours. During your free consultation we will answer all of your questions and give you details as far as pricing, terms, dates, and other crucial information. 

Art & Wine Palm Beach events set the tone for your relationship with your clients. This allows you to pair luxury and business with an unforgettable, pre-planned experience. It’s much different than Happy Hour or meeting for coffee! 

It’s always best to plan as far ahead in advance as possible. 1-6 months is the suggested timeframe. 

Whether planning an in-home wine tasting, or utilizing one of our public spaces for a larger gathering, Art & Wine Palm Beach will work with you to tailor your event exclusively to your needs. No two events with our company are alike, and we encourage you to discuss any and all details with your event planner.

In addition to our event planning and wine tasting services, we offer custom label and etched wine bottles, as well as other luxury and personalized products. These products are great gifts. Please email us directly to receive a catalog of products. 

Absolutely! Art & Wine Palm Beach offers over 90 different wines through the Independent Wine Ambassador program for the Boisset Collection. Organix and biodynamic wines are available. Wine is available for tasting during your consultation to ensure that the products match your taste and style! 

The answer is YES! Art can be purchased for and at many of our events, and will soon be available on our website. Stay tuned as we add additional art options. 



Favorite Wine: JCB GALA Champagne Rose’

Where is she from:  I was born in SC and lived there until 2011 when I relocated to Palm Beach County, FL.

Favorite TV shows: Some of my favorites are Southern Charm (of course!), Vanderpump Rules (Lisa is my real life hero), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (my fictional hero) and of course the documentaries Somm and Somm (Into the Bottle).

Favorite Music: Light EDM and Jazz (and just about anything else as I love music in general!)

Favorite Foods:  Anything that goes with wine (and that’s everything)!

Meet Alan

Favorite Artists: Michelangelo & Robert Santo

Where is he from:  I was born in California, spent most of his childhood in Brooklyn, NY and then moved to South Florida.  I also lived in Santa Barbara, CA for a while as an adult.

Favorite TV Shows: Sci-Fi, Drama, Car Shows and whatever Tara wants to watch. 

Favorite Music: Light EDM, Ambient, Jazz, Retro

Favorite Foods: Most anything!  I love to cook!